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Mind if I vent?

I feel so lost and alone.
I came out to my family a year ago. Their response was not good.
My mom freaked out and said some pretty hurtful things:
Where did I go wrong? I didn’t raise you like this!
I’m so ashamed that your my daughter!
I’m never speaking to you again!
My own daughter is a fag!

Now here at the present day, this haven’t gotten much better.
She still says things that hurt me inside:
You have a illness and you need help!
Something must have gone wrong when I gave birth to you!
If you ever need anything, I won’t be there for you!
I’d rather die then to see you marry a girl!
Why do you choose to be this way?!
You need God!
I’m going to try converting you to being normal!

When she sees gays on TV and I’m in the same room she says things that hurt me too.. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to anymore. She turns the family against me an I get ganged up on and I can’t win this battle. I’ve thought of suicide, I thought of hurting myself to see who would care.. I am angry at God! I don’t have any friends that are lgbt and so they don’t understand what I’m going through..
I’m sorry for the sob story.
Is there anyone out there that understands? Am I alone in this fight?.. I’m afraid.

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Don’t like my life? Don’t look at it!

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We all love technology and I don’t know why, Surely you’ll find that life is passing by. Before it’s to late take a look at the sky.

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